Kokoonpanoprosessin suunnittelu ja optimointikoulutus (2pv) 22.03.-23.03.2017 Vantaa

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Hyvin suunniteltu – puoliksi valmistettu (DFM/A)koulutus (1pv)

30.03.2017 Vantaa

4.4.2017 Salo

25.4.2017 Oulu

27.4.2017 Pietarsaari

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DFA-Tool® is a PC software designed for conducting Design for Assembly analysis and for designing an assembly process. With this software tool the product and/or manufacturing designer receives numeric information about the assembly like  assembly time, part count, tools and equipments needed and most potential construction changes. Company DFA library contain parts, assembly operations, assembly equipment&tools and can be shared within the company. With a new DFA-Tool®:n Factory Process Design function its easy to design an assembly process for a new product.

THE NEW DFA-Tool® 5.2 Factory Process Design has been released !

DFA-Tool® 5.2 contain Factory Process Design function for manufacturing or assembly process design. Parts and operations defined in DFA view are drag&drop into defined assembly process. Also manufacturing equipments and tools can be added.  Bill of Materials can be read from other systems via excel interface. Assembly process key performance indicators (KPI) are calculated for each process design.

DFA-Tool® is a registered trade mark of DFA-Tools Ltd.