Intelligent 3D DFA/DFM analysis solution
for PCB assemblies

Step-by-step based software

DFM Expert is a software package specifically dedicated to the assembly of PCB boards. PCBs can be considered as complex assemblies and highly dense structures.This easy to learn software comfortably guides its users through the process, using a step-by-step workflow.

1 - Read in 2D PCBA design data

DFM expert is able to read in 2D PCBA design data and automatically generate a 3D model based on the imported data.

2 - Automatically generate a 3D model of the PCBA

By replacing the 2D data with 3D components from the entity library, DFM Expert is capable of composing a realistic 3D model of the PCBA based on accurately detailed and actual dimensions of the components.

3 - Analyze 3D model

The 3D model is extensively tested to a detailed set of checking rules.

4 - Review results and revise design

A report is delivered in where not only the detected issues are presented with an indication of the severeness and impact, but also advise is provided in order to eliminate the issues and improve the design. The report is supported by visual explanations to enhance the understandability for the design department/user.

Functionalities & Specifications


The library package, from which the components are imported, comes with around 200k components.

1000 Assembly checking rules

The 3D model is analyzed by applying a set of 1000 assembly checking rules, such as:

  • Screen printing process
  • Placement process
  • Reflow process
  • Manual insert process
  • Wave soldering process
  • Test & inspection
  • Rework, etc.

300 fabrication checking rules

The PCB fabrication analysis utilizes a set of around 300 checking rules, consisting of:

  • Signal layer
  • Silkscreen layer
  • Solder mask layer
  • Solder paste layer
  • Drilling, etc.

Users of DFM Expert are able to compose a custom set of checking rules in order to meet specific design or company- related requirements. DFM Expert offers the possibility to select specific standard checking rules on which the model will be tested. Additionally there is also the possibility to create custom rules that can be taken into account when performing the analysis. The checking rules are continuously developed and innovated.

Integration with other systems

Automatic import of 2D PCB data is supported by a numerous amount of sources. CAD sources such as Cadence Allegro/OrCAD, Mentor, PowerPCB, Altium/Protel, Zuken, ODB++, IPC-2581 are all supported. Additionally XY coordinates and Gerber data sources, if CAD sources are not available.

Risk control and time savings

By introducing an early assembly analysis into the design phase, potential defects, riskful situations and other assembly or fabrication related issues can be detected and eliminated at an early phase. As a result great time savings can be achieved from the design cycle time and the prototyping frequency can be reduced by 2 – 3 cycles. Aditionally, the chance on post-production fixes is highly reduced, as well as the chance on product failure and thus high risk situations.

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